Raffles Kindergarten Complex

PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
CompanyInterval Architects
ArtistOscar KO, GU Yunduan
Design TeamOscar KO, GU Yunduan, LIU Wentian, HUANG Jin, FANG Hanqi, GONG Yujie, QI Lihui, DONG Hang, CHEN Xin, KONG Min, SI Mazhiyan, YANG Shiyu
ClientRaffles Kindergarten
CreditEast elevation / Zhi Geng
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Instead of using small corridors to connect all the classrooms, we proposed a 6m-wideand-80m-long space that connects all the classrooms across three levels and functions as an indoor playground and learning spaces. In this linear multi-purpose indoor playground, children play, dance, ride bicycles, crawl, sit and read. Circulation spaces are no longer mere spaces of passages, but have become spaces for learning, playing and communication.