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SALTRA ( SALVIA / TRAMONTO ) stands for sages' leaves and the twilight. It is a story of love, of one special embrace between the colors of a sleepy sky and the light green of a sage's leaf. Each eye wears that embrace in a different sense, yet the eyes can still experience the same colours on both sides. SALTRA's eyewear is formed of a couple of overlapping lenses on each side where the front small one is covered with a mirror like PVD layer to ensure major protection for the eyes. The ears' pieces recall the simplicity of leaves with an elegant final touch of a golden frame.

Ciao! My name is fadi. I'm an Italian | Lebanese Product and Contemporary Furniture Designer based in Milan. Masters in product design (110 with honors) from Domus Academy after Istituto Marangoni. I've always had a passion for the poetry & the storytelling that stand behind each artwork or design. Any idea might be common if it doesn't cross our hearts & kiss our minds - that is what good design is all about to me > Connections. You can find more about my work on Instagram, behance, .... Please do drop by from time to time for a visit and I promise to keep my product updates coming.