Traveler’s Patches

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyRIS Interior Design Co., Ltd.
ArtistWeng Hsin Ting
Design TeamHsu Shih-Ting
CreditHey!cheese Photography
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This project is a residential abode in the downtown of Taichung city, where the artistry and ingenuity aren’t sacrificed within the layout of 78 sqm. Amid the seemingly normal white wall-to-ceiling layout, sculptural curvy shapes at joints between wall to ceiling and fixtures, permeating a wavy flow into the depth of apartment. Colors and purplish tints are meticulously misplaced around; whereas hues lively pop out from thresholds and door frame, creating inviting contrast with whitish backdrop. The sheer puts on a variegated graft at wide windows, to set off a beautiful panorama of sunset.

RIS Interior Design Co., Ltd. was established at multicultural Taichung city, Taiwan, in 2013. A group of design manias pursues timeless elegance and coexistence with utilitarian in interior space. The company dedicates to both classic aesthetics and contemporary solution on every project, aiming on long-term progress and sustainable connection with fashion, culture, society.