Two Suns

PrizeOfficial Selection in Create (art)
CompanyChih-Yuan Chang
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TwoSuns visually narrates an ancient story about one of the two suns becomes the moon from the indigenous Bunun tribe in Taiwan. TwoSuns demonstrates the work interactively and engagingly by combining the language with the puzzle. The puzzle intends to bring up people’s curiosity, entertainment, and the action of learning. To strengthen the connection between the tribe and the spiritual story, Chih-Yuan Chang uses diverse mediums and techniques representing the Bunun tribe’s features such as wood, fabric, and laser-cutting.

Born in Taiwan and based in New York, Chih-Yuan (Jacky) is an interdisciplinary designer who devotes himself to communicating visually across multiple tools and experimenting with various materials. His work strikes to deliver concrete ideas through sophisticated visuals and detail-oriented media. He is proficient in visual communication design, traditional printmaking, UX/UI design, installations, interactive design, hand-makings, branding and identity, and photography.