PrizeOfficial Selection in Create (art)
CompanySergey Borisov
ArtistSergei Borisov

Colormet is a combination of two substances in one substance.The postmodern state of two opposite quotes.brightening the creak of existence with their strangeness.

9.09.66 1981-85 Moscow theater and art school 1989-1995 Saint-Petersburgb art and industrial Academy (b. Mukhina) 2000 Professor State University of Industrial Technology and Design Personal exhibition: 2004 "Progression of space", , S-PB 2005 "Other sculpture", S-Pb 2006 "Process", S-Pb 2006 "TRANS-stones",S-Pb 2007 "Close-up",S-Pb 2008 "Intuition of space: sculpture", State Russian Museum, S-Pb 2009 "Book of space", S-Pb 20013 " Sculpture.Graphics" 2015 "Exhibition of sculpture and graphics.Sergey Borisov",Finland 2017 "imprint of the form", Pskov 2017 " Structure.Landscape.The sculpture",