The Qunubu Way

PrizeOfficial Selection in Illustrate (graphic)
CompanyIS Design Labs, Black Bloom Studio
ArtistIliana Sergeev
Design TeamIliana Sergeev from IS Design Labs, Tracy Ho from Black Bloom Studio, Abe Nafar from GTA General Contractors
ClientQunubu Cannabis

Qunubu, the origin of the word cannabis, in ancient Assyrian means “way to produce smoke.” With this name, we positioned the brand as rooted in history and knowledge. The visual identity is based on a circle shape - symbolizing wholeness, the self, and perfection. It is interrupted by flowing smoke waves signifying relaxation and breaking free from the everyday. Qunubu Cannabis’ wordmark is rounded and friendly, laid out in an organized way with syllable breaks to help pronunciation and denote a sense of education. The colours, secondary visuals, and applications enlighten in a friendly way.