PrizeOfficial Selection in Shoot (photo/video)
CompanyJulia Louise Hope Photography
ArtistJulia Hope
Design TeamJess Sacco, Michael Guest, Alisha Williams assisting, Jessica O'Donegan and Mike Dawson modelling
Clientpersonal commission
CreditJulia Hope

With our first lockdown came so much confusion, and so I wanted to draw on the meanings behind the Madhatter and Alice in Wonderland. I wanted a more mature Alice to sit alone with the Madhatter and chose clothing to give a steampunk vibe due to the rebelliousness of having afternoon tea in the woods. The plague masks are my interpretation of coronavirus with the enforced rules in day to day life... it all felt so surreal. Just as this image is surreal.

Professional Family Photographer and Artist of mixed media. 30 years experience. Mother to two children.