Best in Black

PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
CompanyValdez Arquitectos
ArtistFernando Valdez
Design TeamVíctor Manuel Ayala Reyes, Montserrat Azamar Llamas, Jimena Abad Lorenzo, Omar Karim Carmona Nuñez, Joel Sánchez Martínez, Mariel de Abril Salinas
ClientAsfalto y Asociados
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Best in Black is a project that aims to create a new kind of residential building. The interior design of the apartments represents industrial design meeting Mexican architecture, the materials selected like wood, concrete and marble give the space a warm look and the palate of colors white and black represent the idea of the facade of the interior design. The four facades are clearly inspired in a random placement of the Tetris game shapes forming the walls and windows of the building, creating lighted atmospheres that generate comfort for the user.

Young architectural firm that aims to create designs with its own story focused on a modern language experimenting with new forms and materials. Always focusing on the experience of the user, the quality of the space and the interaction between the building and its context.