Atelier Intimo Ningbo - Wa Zuo

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyO and O Studio Limited
Design TeamEric Chan, Suzanne Li, Katt Chung Yap
ClientAtelier Intimo
CreditKatt Chung Yap
Video URLView

O&O Studio takes on the resembling visual beauties and traditionalities between Wa Zuo (roofing in Chinese architecture) and the formation of new family in marriage, and designs a series of neat and expressive modular components with circular Chinese windows display and tiles stack as key features. A Chinese garden space is formed in its front, with displaying racks topped with tilted and elongated roof tiles, imitating the rain water flow along a pitched roof. The mirror surfaces of the secondary walls act as a virtual backdrop extending and completing the garden scenery in this new dwelling.

“Originate – As We Envision, Originate – As We Create” O&O Studio is a Hong Kong based design-led studio with a working ethos of “Out and Outer”, fully committed to clients with thoroughgoing attitude. O&O do not provide standardized design formula and believe that each project should be originated from a critical and cohesive process of strategic and visual thinking through to the end users’ evaluation. O&O’s spatial creation performs through its composition, materiality, and spatial layering as importantly as with the context and the end users, particularly for the next generation.