Rover Pack Hopper for Tennis Players

PrizeOfficial Selection in Use (product)
CompanyMAKO Design + Invent
ArtistKevin Mako
Design TeamKevin Mako, Tim Uys, Paul Davis
ClientEric Coffman
Video URLView

Created by Texas-based Rover Tennis, the Rover Packhopper serves as a backpack—it holds up to 85 tennis balls, has two large compartments for holding two racquets, numerous small pockets for miscellaneous accessories, and mesh pockets for water bottles. The Rover Packhopper is also useful when it comes to mobility, because of its durable wheels, which allows the players to carry it as a backpack, wherever they go. With its extendable legs to raise the tennis ball to just the right height for the player to work on their serve makes the Packhopper an ideal practise partner during a game session.

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