The Virus.

PrizeOfficial Selection in Shoot (photo/video)
CompanyNaasha Volk
ArtistNatasha Volk
Design TeamPhotographer: Natasha Volk @_natashavolk_ (Instagram) Mua&Style: Darya Kholodnykh @darya_kholodnykh (Instagram) Model: Anastasya Kolomiets @_a_kolomie

The Virus. Being creative people, we could not pass by the situation that has happened in the world. In cooperation with Daria Kholodnykh, we have created a project: "The Virus". No standard stereotypes such as face masks... We present to you a kind of transformation of a tragedy through a vivid beauty image of a floating consciousness. Poison green color with a shape which was taken from real pictures of viruses under a microscope.

Natasha Volk Certified European photographer. Founder and leading instructor of the SCHOOL OF MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY (Kyiv, Ukraine). Main specialization - commercial & art Beauty, still life photo. Her numerous projects have been published in Vogue, Schön! Magazine, Marie Claire, Elle, Esquire, Cosmopolitan, HUF Magazine and others.