Yunshan Art Museum

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
ArtistC.R. LIN
Design TeamC.R.Lin , Li Bentao, Duan Meichen, Mo Shulin, Ling Yufeng, Zhao Wenhui, Huang Peigeng, Zhu Sihan, Wan Ruoja, Gu Bowen, Liu Jingfei
ClientChina Construction Real Estate (Tianjin) Co., Ltd
CreditLi Guomin

The Yunshan Art Museum oversees the scenic Simian Mountain of Chongqing and nearby the historic Zhongshan town. With its distinctive Danxia landforms, assisted by the surrounding vegetation, composes a special, though natural, heart-shaped waterfall. We extract the natural elements of water, wood, stone, and sky from the surrounding Simian Mountain and envision visitors by an artistic feeling that encountering the indolent pleasures.