bodypaint animals

PrizeOfficial Selection in Shoot (photo/video)
ArtistMathias Kniepeiss
Design TeamJohannes Stötter, Philipp Schulz, Lauren Klocker, Jakob Grill & Felix Kirsch
ClientTyromotion Advanced Rehabilitation Technology
CreditThe Jaguar
Video URLView

After 1,5 months of planning and preparation, a team of 13 people created this unique campaign of bodypaint animals within a 14 hours shooting day for the therapeutic device company Tyromotion Advanced Rehabilitation Technology. Tyromotion is one of the world´s leading manufacturers and suppliers of technology-based therapeutic devices with the goal to sustainably improve people's independence and quality of life. The extraordinary piece of art was created by award winning fine art bodypainter Johannes Stoetter Art, photographer Mathias Kniepeiss and postproducer Philipp Schulz.

Mathias Kniepeiss turned his passion into his profession. 17 years later he is a award winning photographer, lecturer, creative director and he has been working in the fields of sports, industry, portraits, reportage & commercial in over 50 countries of the world for international agencies and brands like Red Bull, Getty Images, WWP, Bavaria, Kaspersky and many more... In addition he is working in the fields of concept development, strategic image composing, implementations of exceptional ideas and together with his team of specialists he creates artworks within historical scenarios.