PrizeOfficial Selection in Use (product)
University/SchoolUniversity of the Arts, London
ArtistUtsav Khadka
Design TeamUtsav Khadka
CreditUtsav Khadka
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The 'Up-Drop' technically been designed to carry loads of water up-hill and down-hill. The people living in the hills are not involved in physical activities every day, making their muscles weak. Still, the activities they do have to do it at certain intervals, including lifting.Up-drop eases the load's pressure on the back. It minimizes the gravitational force effect by the spring mechanism, which raises the bag upwards in sync with the torso's movement.

A self-motivated and process oriented person who has a keen intrust in being a part of a industry that innovates interactive and sustainable products. I believe in designing, manufacturing and constructing products as I juxtapose them which makes life alluring and inculcated with sheen than what it really is.