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CompanyAlps Design Limited
Artistannie ling
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The ocean is the beginning of life; water is what we all rely on for living. However, all kinds of pollution created by human is getting very serious and is biting back us majorly. Plastic, nuclear, oil waste are pouring into the ocean and is overly contaminating our planet. What could have happened to human in future? Perhaps, not too long later, human may have changed in their appearance to adopt this new polluted world, our look, our body shape and structure could be transformed into something which is totally strange and we will need to create new silhouette of garments to adopt.

Timeless with a twist Made to make a difference Everyday designs that endure Driven by the desire to unite fashion, technology and craftsmanship, designer Annie Ling founded ALPS Annie Ling in 2015. Inspired by a new age of active living and cutting-edge textile innovations, the brand is committed to designing enduring clothing that supports wellbeing. ALPS pieces are practical, effortlessly stylish and wearable every day. People want to feel good in their clothing. We make this the design code of our collections: modern, minimalist, high-quality everyday designs.