Logan Tianjing Coastal Garden Marketing Center

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyShenzhen Creative Space Design & Decoration Co.,Ltd
ArtistYanming Yin
Design TeamWu Tongfa, Liu Rixian, Li Qiulong, Lao Zijian
ClientLogan Real Estate
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Tianjing Coastal Garden is located on the natural coastline of the ecological new area in the east of Shantou, with Xinjin River in the east and South China Sea in the south. Taking space, ecology and nature as the themes, the project combines the spirit of "starry sky", "ocean", "light and shadow", "water charm" and other Chaoshan culture and geographical characteristics, to express the individualized and artistic design thinking in the context of contemporary urban architecture, and to seek the design way of symbiosis between space and nature.

Mr. Yin Yanming, the founder and design director of Creative Design, is one of the representative figures of Chinese interior design who emphasizes creativity, sense of order and multiple experiences. He combined these characteristics with more than 20 years of design experience to create an aesthetic space that integrates sensibility, culture, and artistry in the design fields of commercial real estate, office space, boutique hotels, and architectural facades.