Infinite Realities

PrizeOfficial Selection in Create (art)
University/SchoolParsons School of Design
ArtistLove Rozenberg
CreditLove Rozenberg

The painting explores the theory of the multiverse and the concept of soulmates. It considers the possibilities of what could be if there were an infinite number of realities coexisting at once, and what divine connections could occur through infinite reincarnation. The subjects depicted are alien beings, who are perhaps, more advanced than humans and thus capable of having insights into parallel realities, where they can observe themselves in another form, yet still together, still in love, still connected.

Love Rozenberg is an artist who has lived and studied in Moscow, Rome, and New York. Her international background, along with her interest in a multitude of subjects, from chemistry to quantum physics and astronomy, from mythology to psychoanalysis, has formed the foundation of her art and continues to be the source of inspiration that fuels her creative process. Her artworks, metaphorical in nature, are examinations of thoughts and questions about what it means to be human, to live on this planet, to exist in this Universe.