Imperishable realm

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyE Chuan Interior Design
ArtistTsai Cheng En

The single-family house adopts the modern scheme with steady and profound features and plans the "one for one-story" exclusive space for the family. In the meantime, generate exceptional situation via the open up approaches of each floor, so that the family members not only possess personal privacy but also finely interact with each other, as well as to enjoy the laughter and peace in the tranquil circumstance. Classical moldings, lattice, metallic-color furnishing, and art-decors of each floor create distinguished styles.

E-CHUAN Design conceits the original intention of the design field, takes advantages of various materials to bring out glamorous situations; furthermore, executes exquisite craftsmanship to create concise configuration. Abiding by the cogitation, we dream to carry out the passion and touching of life into the warmhearted circumstance of abundant humanistic implication. Focus on the holistic view, excellently plan tranquil circumstance, and brilliant ambiance. Draw closer to the popular preference, meticulously select apposite furnishing and embellish with natural texture.