Elegant Eustoma

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyDe-Li Interior & Archtect Design
ArtistKuei-Sheng Tai
Design TeamPo-Yen Chao

The noble Lisianthus stretches out delicate petals and integrates with the light floating clouds. With the view of pleasing images, we wish people can attract meaningful affection and treasure their most precious times within this magnificent and romantic setting, vividly reveal the taste of happiness. Jump away from the traditional banquet impression of sumptuous, simply puts in the picture of the joy of reunion via the elegant floral language, gently leaves indelible beautiful memories in people's minds.

Vitality inspires creativity; enthusiasm achieves professionalism. Uphold the pure faith from the heart, innovate the extraordinary spirit of mansions. D.L takes responsibility for numerous visions, and gain everlasting reliance on our outstanding performance. Abide by the practically exacting art theories, and amalgamate the cutting-edge, surpassing, and solid experiences, committedly plan either graceful or grand glamorous spaces, which makes the visitants feel impressed, while the residents feel proud.