My strange family

PrizeOfficial Selection in Shoot (photo/video)
ArtistGiuseppe Francavilla
CreditGiuseppe Francavilla

A pop reinterpretation of my family, including myself. From my uncle who has always received serious episodes of intolerance in his life, to my mother smiling but always with a tear ready to be shed, to my father a little too fanatic of the god of money and to me to whom the doctors had proposed blindness and deafness by age 30 ...

Born in Palermo (Sicily), march 1974. My passion for photography was born early, taking first with various Polaroid before moving to the classic film. From the attention to detail I moved to the attention to feminine beauty. In 2002 my first glamour photos. Today, my focus has shifted a little more on street photography but I never forget my first love: nude.... and Polaroid