Exotic Fantasy

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyCheng Ching Interior Design
ArtistMin Dan Cheng
Design TeamWen Hui Huang

The property owner is fond of collecting feature antiques during travel around the world. Those collections become the most striking art decors in this profound exclusive base. We adopt gray and white color schemes and totem home furnishings artfully bring about a harmonious rustic situation favored by the homeowner. In addition, introduce natural vibe indoor through captivating massive plants, calmly slow down the pace of life. Furthermore, we meticulously leave fitted blank spaces so that the householder can freely reconfigure in the future.

Cheng Ching Interior Design is found in 2013, which adhered to the original intention of the brand - never do a construction because of fame or show-off the techniques. We devoted to meet the requirements of the property owners, with our whole heart to listen to their wishes, ultimately bring about the ideal home circumstance. By way of the considerate communication and discussion, we would know well about the property owners' living background, thereupon to create the exclusive style of every customer, and practice their dreams come true faithfully.