PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
ArtistJulia Baydyk
CreditAndrey Avdeenko
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Interior design of the apartment Venera designed for a bright and stylish couple. There was a desire to do everything at the highest level and in a different way in this project, so the designer decided to venture into a variation of Art Deco and a modern interpretation of luxury. The designer tried to create a space equipped with all the conveniences for a free but elegant lifestyle. There is a spacious living room for cocktail parties with friends, separate private areas (two bedrooms and two bathrooms), an office for him, two dressing rooms for her, a fitness room..

The Ukrainian designer Julia Baydyk founded the ALTA IDEA design studio in 2008. In every project, she strives to find a balance between tradition, modern dynamics and restrained minimalism in order to create the perfect space for a free but elegant lifestyle. The studio is specialized in the design of public and private premises, apartments, houses, Spa centers, sports clubs and Horeca as well. Working on each project is a very close and friendly psycho-adaptive process of communication with the client, as the designer personally deals with the supervision of every project.