Verse of Tact

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyRIS Interior Design Co., Ltd.
ArtistWeng Hsin Ting
ClientConfidential (Residential Project)
CreditPhotography: Hey!Cheese Photography
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This project tended to present poise and stable forms, imbued with refined and well-rounded visualizations. To comply with sustainable awareness, less decoration, reusing material remnants, and how to minimize contamination during construction phase are forethought. The coarse-textured cement finishing on beams and ceiling, derives from the LOTOS, a patent up-cycling topcoat made from up-cycling residues and sediments of local reservoirs; whereas botanic-print wallpapers replace traditional painting, avoiding sewage and occurring wasted by-products during painting construction.

RIS Interior Design Co., Ltd. was established at multicultural Taichung city, Taiwan, in 2013. A group of design manias pursues timeless elegance and coexistence with utilitarian in interior space. The company dedicates to both classic aesthetics and contemporary solution on every project, aiming on long-term progress and sustainable connection with fashion, culture, society.