PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
ArtistMoriyuki Ochiai
Design TeamMoriyuki Ochiai, Jun Ueda, Amit Arunabh
Creditfumio araki
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We designed a commercial space combining a beauty salon and a cafe lobby. We sought to create a space that softly envelops people in a long, slender, cavern-like space with layered, floating white louvers and waves of color. In the cafe area, the polygonal openings in the walls and the white ceiling formations create a lively atmosphere. In the beauty salon area behind the sliding door, white louvers spread across the ceiling, and the rich expressions created by the changing layers resonate like something organic and alive, giving the entire space a fresh energy.

www.moriyukiochiai.com, info@moriyukiochiai.com, Moriyuki Ochiai, born in Tokyo, Japan is an architect and designer. He established his own studio, Moriyuki Ochiai Architects that is active in architectural, interior, furniture,landscape and industrial design. Our designs have recieved numerous awards : iF Design Award Gold prize(Germany),red dot award(Germany),Architecture Master Prize (USA) ,German Design Award, INTERIOR DESIGN Best of Year Award (U.S.A), Archdaily Building of the Year (USA),Restaurant & Bar Design Awards (UK),SBID International Award(UK), A' Design Award (Italy)