PrizeOfficial Selection in Shoot (photo/video)
CompanyAnand Shiv Sharan
ArtistAnand Sharan
Design Teamnil
ClientSelf assignment
CreditAnand Sharan

The Holy city of Varanasi in India has many tiny temples. These temples are hidden in the busy and crowded by-lanes. They bring the spirit of Hinduism to common man.

I am a professional photographer and a teacher based in Bangalore, India. A burning desire to be involved in photography full time led him to abandon his successful advertising career and plunge into professional photography. International Awards & Recognition -Magnum Photography Awards `Your photo entry to the Magnum Photography Awards 2017 is among the top-rated entries we've received, congratulations! It's an impressive accomplishment considering we get thousands of submissions from 150 countries!  - Nominee winner 2019- https: