Respect The Craft

PrizeOfficial Selection in Shoot (photo/video)
CompanyLinnet Foto
ArtistDaniel Linnet & James Browne
Design TeamDaniel Linnet (Photog), James Browne (set & Costumes), Mariel McClorey (MUA), Renee Taylor(MUA)
ClientWik & Co
CreditDaniel Linnet
Video URLView

This was a set of images created for a startup Australian perfume company Wik&Co. With 6 new fragrances hand crafted by prominent French perfumers Wik&Co wanted to create a suite of images personifying each of the fragrances and reflecting the artisan approach to the process. Wik&Co sent over the fragrances and left it with myself and my team to interpret them in any way we chose. In our story each character and their environment are the creation pod for the harvesting of the scents.