Colour and Pattern.

PrizeOfficial Selection in Shoot (photo/video)
ArtistLiliane Schwab
CreditColours and Pattern.
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This series is about the possibilities of colour, pattern and play. Opposite patterns collide, and painterly brush strokes are contrasted with decorative art-like objects. It is playful, while celebrating the art form and its ability to make and remake. Inspired by an idea, the background and props are either hand painted or bought, and layered in to fit their new surroundings. Series done with colour film.

Liliane Schwab is a Swiss-born photographer, now living in Canada. Originally self-taught, Liliane’s first formal training was an intensive photojournalism course at the Maine Photographic Workshop in Rockport, Maine. US. Her Photography combines classic forms with stylized props and set designs. She takes inspiration from material at hand from common objects in her home, to scenes encountered while travelling. Most of her work is with black and white film.