PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyLeppanen Anker Arquitectura and Insolito
ArtistAaron Leppanen / Veronica Burbano
Design TeamLead Architects Aaron Leppanen, Gabriela Anker / Lead Designers: Veronica Burbano de Lara, Camila Burbano de Lara / Team: Ana Belén Acurio
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The relationship between the workplace and physical environment was exploited by using the company's motto of bringing their clients quality, natural and healthy products without compromise. These unique offices are composed of a mix of open and closed spaces that takes inspiration from the organic growth which one finds in nature. A system of organic draping wood forms with triangulated skins were created to mimic nature’s organic growth and define space. This balanced composition makes the project more than an office, instead it becomes a place of experimentation, innovation and discovery.

Leppanen Anker Arquitectura is an award winning architectural firm founded in 2012 in Quito, Ecuador by Aaron Leppanen and Gabriela Anker. The office focuses in developing spatial experiences that consider the needs of their clients through the fusion of parametric tools with contextual, cultural, material, formal and sustainable influences. Its international experience includes working across multiple scales, programs, cultures and locations with diverse background experience in Residential, Commercial, Cultural, Educational and Health Care projects both in the public and private sectors.