Cyber Cosmos

PrizeOfficial Selection in Create (art)
University/SchoolSchool of Visual Arts
ArtistHandowin He

Thanks to high-tech, AI is substituting for human labor, which, thus, stimulates human beings to explore more possibilities. However, if AI is for improper use, it is inevitable to exert a negative influence on humans’ future life. We long for a harmonious society in which human beings and AI robots can co-live. The image tends to reflect this core value. The character I create is half-human and half-robot. The power is sparked after she touches another AI robot. The 70s retro tone accelerates the weight of the time.

Handowin He is an award-winning author-illustrator based in New York City and Shanghai. Her inveterate YOLO spirit drove her to jump out of the brand marketing industry and into the illustration industry in 2019, where she quickly earned a prestigious list of illustration collaborations including brands, media, and children’s book publications. Handowin has a strong desire to create storytelling artworks in which spectators experience a whimsical world that is expressed through both her artistic talent and the funky sensibility of her soul.