Lvdu Suzhou Villa

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyShanghai KOYI Architectural Design Co., Ltd
Design TeamSheng Zhou, Jingzhang Sheng, Shuyong Zhang
ClientShanghai Jiangsu Business Department of Lvdu Real Estate
CreditA Thousand Degrees of Vision

This case is located in Suzhou, which is made with the characteristics of Suzhou. It uses modern design techniques to explore the urban context and inherit the natural and humanistic style of elegance. Through the transition and outline of mountains, rivers and stones, it echoes with pavilions, platforms, zhais and pavilions to make the space and courtyard flow naturally. The guest restaurant is mainly gray and white, creating a clean and pure space tone. The master bedroom uses simple pen and ink to outline all phenomena, clouds and smoke, or elegant dust, or simple and clean.