Joy Bay Sales Cente

PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
CompanyShanghai PTArchitects
ArtistRen Xiangyi, Hu Qiao, Guo Juntang, Fu Yuelin
Design TeamCao Min, Zhou Yi, LI Jianfei, Bi Qingfeng, Xu Yuhao, Cai A'ping, He Wentao, Jin Nengjun, Wang Shuocheng, Zhang Qiangqiang, CAI Xinwen
ClientGemdale Group

Located in Jiading, Shanghai, Joy Bay Sales Center is primarily surrounded by residential blocks and is convenient in traffic. Designed and built with measly five months and with one year in service, this modern and simple temporary sales center is likened to a small architectural sculpture that applies pure framework to notch up its mission of marketing and brand display. Paying tributes to Scarpa Architecture, its designing punctuates expression of materials and ray of light and forever goes after polishing and rumination of texture and details in its designing and construction process.