Citi Wealth Hub

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyMinistry of Design Pte Ltd
ArtistColin Seah
Design TeamJoyce, Ruth, Colin A, Fon, Fai, Namrata, Nong, Justin, Zhang Hang, Kevin, Sze May, Richard, Rais, Tasminah, Azilawati, Iqbal, Maggie.
ClientCitibank Singapore
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A Banking Conservatory Citibank’s brief was to create a world-class wealth hub, which would become their largest in the world. Inspired by the site’s soaring glass-lined atrium, we created a lush thriving indoor conservatory, harnessing biophilic design, and nestled lifestyle spaces within it: observation deck, feature bar, banquette seating, lounge niches and garden meeting pods. Just as it is functional, the analogy of prosperity through lush gardens is symbolic. We believe this sets a new benchmark for wealth hubs: redefining luxury in lush greenery, not typical marble and chandeliers.