The Bolshakova`s Home

PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
CompanyBolshakova Interiors
ArtistNataly Bolshakova
Design Team Nataly Bolshakova, Anna Denisenko, Alena Grigorenko.
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The idea is to find a perfect balance between the people, nature and architecture. This house is the first for the clients, so the creation and all corners were made gently and emotionally. To emphesize the connection with the nature, the architect integrated the tree into the roof structure, making a special hole for the tree crown. In order not to disturb the landscape, the house is designed according to the existing relief. So when enter you immediately get to the second floor, where there are located bedrooms. And on the ground floor there is a common area.

Bolshakova Interiors is an interior design studio created by Nataly Bolshakova. We create exceptional living spaces, offices, public spaces design, showrooms and hotels. Our methods are all underpinned with the same philosophy, complete and detailed attention to the wishes of the client, and careful management of each stage of the project: from the creation of a concept to the selection of furniture, lighting and accessories. We are located in Ukraine and although we work primarily in Europe, we can also implement projects worldwide.