Splendid Era

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyDs Intl.Group
ArtistFlora Chiu
Design TeamMichelle Chang

This project has a spacious open living room. We take usefulness and aesthetics into account; arrange a glass display cabinet that does not block the excellent daylighting in front of the large French windows. Opposite to it, take advantage of sheeny mirroring feature of the tawny mirror on the dining room main wall to extend the grand situation of the dining environment. The hallway in the hub of the bright public area leads to the private space. We exploit transparent coating glass to replace part of the solid wall, brilliantly introduce the daylighting in the study to the hallway.

DS INTL Group has pooled returned talents from various fields. We adhere to the five principles of “innovative design, advanced technology, precise construction, excellent quality, and healthy and eco-friendly features” to provide professional planning services. We devote to construct “new era residence” as our undertaking, and pay strict attention to every single detail from the very outset of building planning and result in design aesthetics. Successfully branch out into the fields of construction, real estate development, and interior design brands.