PrizeOfficial Selection in Use (product)
CompanySkyhui Works & Creations
ArtistSKY, Kam Yat Hui
Design TeamSKY, Kam Yat HUI
CreditPhootographer - Sky, Kam Yat HUI
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SKY HUI Upcycle ECO-Design Works:Cognition for Dementia Patient,elderly, Kids and their Caregivers. This puzzle is an original idea designed for elderly,early-stage dementia Patients, 3-year-old+ children,young people and their Caregivers. The product can provide a medium for users to keep and improve their sense of Cognitive. Target customers are who would like to upgrade,improve or keep their sense of cognition and mental health or looking for a toy to relieve their busy life. Puzzle pieces are using leftover wood pieces with nano-coating for anti-bacterial and viruses.(Kills COVID19,H1N1)