D.I.Y Wooden Liaison Bag

PrizeOfficial Selection in Use (product)
CompanySkyhui Works & Creations
ArtistSky, Kam Yat Hui
ClientPublic - Eco and Design Concern custumors
CreditSky, Kam Yat HUI

By using Innovative ECO-Object design and craftsmanship to solute poverty, unemployment/ under-employment are the most significant problem, we need to face with a good solution. In this project, I can use my design thinking with networking our local communities to solve the above problem. Have you ever been making 2 design components without stitching? This can let you make your own bag. This unisex designer bag is not only for you but also for your beloved ones. In order to lower the carbon footprint, I carefully selected materials that are absolutely eco-friendly and handmade in Hong Kong.