TIGI Redesign

PrizeOfficial Selection in Illustrate (graphic)
CompanyCRX Design
ArtistDanilo Helvadjian
Design TeamLuiz Sanches Junior, Ingrid Lafalce, Cristiano Vinciprova, Marcela Souza, Marianne Meni, Andres Acosta

Visual identity & packaging redesign for TIGI's global hair care & styling portfolio. To update such an iconic brand, it was essential to stay true to its iconicity. Despite the products themselves being urban icons, the identity itself suffered from a lack of visual assets which reflected this. Thus its minimalist appeal was kept, however introducing a new graphic system of unique paint brushstrokes. Structuring each product platform within the portfolio for a better shelf navigation, allowing to bring to life & extend the urban attitude of the brand across pack & communication.