Mind The Hair - Product Design

PrizeOfficial Selection in Use (product)
ArtistMichael Dimou
Design TeamGeorgios Marketakis, Michael Dimou
ClientMind The Hair
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The client, Mind The Hair, approached us to bring this idea to life. The innovation behind the idea was to offer hair dying services to the users through an alternative way, avoiding the traditional way of the hair salon. We designed and focused on the following guidelines in order to offer a feasible solution. - “Continuation” of the colorists services in an alternative way - Servicing the consumers need to dye their hair at home As an innovation consultancy, after we designed and prototyped the product, we researched for the appropriate factories to manufacture this hair dye kit.

Founders Georgios Marketakis and Michael Dimou believed that innovation should defy boundaries or borders. To bring their vision to life, they created ORANGE-CIRCLE, a combination of management consulting and design agency. Since then, our team has undertaken projects around the globe. Clients across the world can benefit from our global network and partners. We bring together a team of innovators from many different backgrounds and geographies. This is what makes us special. We are industry agnostic. Our services, both creative and business, can be applied across all industries.