Leling Tiantai

PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
CompanyShanghai PTArchitects
ArtistHu Qiao
Design TeamXu Zhenyan, Liu Hang, Wang Bin, Li Zhexiang, Wen Xin, Zhang Ge, Huo Yunfei, Zhang Jiekun, Zhao Xiaoyu, Zhang Meng, Shao Mingbo
ClientLeling Taijun Culture Industry Development Co. LTD

The project serves as a community support kindergarten and as a sales office in the early sales phase of community buildings. The superposition for the two functions of the kindergarten and the Sales Office has led to more restrictions on the layout of the building on the plan axis. It should not only meet the kindergarten classroom area index, but also be available to accommodate the showroom of the Sales Office. By adjusting the main form of the building and rationalizing the layout, the architects link the front and back functions of the Sales Office with an “Urban Green Hill”.