Connecting roof for primary school in Biel-Benken

PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
CompanyFox Wälle Architekten SIA
ArtistPhilippe Wälle
Design TeamPhilippe Wälle, Davis Kollaramalil
ClientCommunity of Biel-Benken
CreditFotoGraf & Graf

The new connecting roof of the primary school in Biel-Benken connects the old with the new school building. To the west, the roof stands on a slightly angled protective wall. This wall consists of two perforated metal slabs, which have an mirror-finishing on the outside and are green on the inside. The perforation allows a view to the outside lounge area with seating blocks behind. When moving through the space, the perforations in the two metal slabs creates a moiré effect. Integrated LED strips inside the wall let the metal wall glow at night and intensify the moiré effect.