Forever 6

PrizeOfficial Selection in Create (art)
CompanyMercedes Parodi
ArtistMercedes Parodi
Credit© Mercedes Parodi

Forever 6 unites all ten photographic images of the series ‘You will always Be’ in a sculptural presentation of existence as an evolutionary perpetual flow of energy. Countering finite perception of mortality, the imagery speaks of an embryonic beginning, the beating of the heart, the analysis of the head, interaction with invisible forces, taking flight, launching into the unknown, physical demise and the release of our energetic essence back into the universe on an infinite journey through time and space. It is a positive response to one of the ultimate psychological dilemmas of humankind.

Born and educated in the UK, based in London and Aix en Provence, France. Group Exhibition: 21 - 26 January 2020 'Occupy the Void'- Photo50 - London Art Fair - London, UK Solo Exhibitions: 29 June - 20 September 2018 'Versailles and the Waters of Antiquity' - Spa Thermes Sextius, Aix en Provence, France 1 - 26 October 2013 'The Fountains Night Show' (Versailles Part I) - La Fontaine Obscure, Aix en Provence, France