Art Renouveau

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
ArtistGeorges Shabah
CreditGeorges Shabah

In this first interior design project, I've used circles and hexagonal shapes garnished with different patterns of lines that bring forward the motifs and curvature of nature in different decorative elements. Everything comes decorated with multiple types of line, ranging from geometrical straight parallel to intersecting lines and from curved to wavy lines found in nature. Primary colors are red, gold and gray which are accompanied by beige, black and white as secondary colors.

As a French Montrealer who worked for the last 3 years in a community radio station after studying Cinema (the 7th art form), I set myself a new goal relating to design. During the lockdown time of the pandemic in 2020, I worked on an exciting interior design project. Like everyone, I felt that life and existence itself was in some ways crumbling around me. Knowing that art was the only answer for the bitterness and helplessness in my life, I was motivated to bring a creative project to the furthest I could by only using my imagination and the constraints around me.