Jinan Rail Transit Line 2

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyShenzhen Grandland Group Co., Ltd.
ArtistJiman Liu, Wenxuan Hou
Design TeamShaohua Ji,Ruxin Zheng, Yang Ma
ClientJinan Rail Transit Group Co., Ltd.

Jinan, the city of springs, is a scenic city with profound culture. Inspired by history and culture, this project is themed the “Jinan thoroughfare”, implying that Line 2 is a traffic artery connecting the east and west parts of the city, and provides convenient access to all parts. Line R2 allows for transfer with existing Lines R1 and R3, indicating that Jinan’s rail traffic has entered a “transfer era”. This project builds a domestically leading metro line with local characteristics, and an important window of city culture through a fashionable form of artistic expression.