Diamond Towers

PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
CompanyLong Lin Construction Co., Ltd.
ArtistHong-Wen Zeng
Design TeamPaul Noritaka Tange, CHIEN CHUN-CHING, DYNASTYID DESIGN, Horizon&Atmosphere, OBAYSHI, Yuanli Engineering

Our design concept is a brilliant diamond in the heart of downtown Taipei; these three towers rise as the jewels of the city. The proportions are carefully considered, utilizing the perfect golden ratio. This concept of brilliant diamonds, “The Jewel of Taipei,” is expressed through the four corners of each tower that rise upwards, connecting to the top crown that reaches to the sky. The building creates a very distinct skyline, this concept is continued in the podium by having ultimate folds of the shinny white granite panels and the media screen.