Bridge Learning Center

PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
CompanyPerform Design Studio
Design TeamTao Sun, Jia Luo, Qian Wang, Shukai Chen, Zhiyong Tan, Jiahao Qiu, Shujie Xu, Chaoliang Sun, Deyun Hu
ClientYancheng Foreign Language School
CreditLian He
Video URLView

Traversing over a campus river, Bridge Learning Center, the newest addition to Yancheng Foreign Language School, doubles as a multi-level pedestrian bridge to promote connectivity between both sides of the river. The school originally considered the 7600-square-meter learning complex somewhere else in the campus. However, we the architects proposed the site over the campus river. Once a mere physical barrier, the river now, along with the new building, becomes the central place of the campus, fusing nature, people and school activities all together for a more integral campus experience.

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