I am who I AM

PrizeOfficial Selection in Shoot (photo/video)
ArtistAdriana Miani
CreditI am who I AM

At 3 years old, Luca started to show behaviours labelled as “feminine”. He refused to play with toys or to wear clothes that were “strictly masculine”, a discomfort that often led to hysterical episodes.His body didn’t match the identity he recognized as his own, on the contrary,it felt like a burden to him. He felt trapped in something which didn’t belong to him,and it disgusted him.The story that I decided to share is aimed at putting an end on erroneous judgments regarding the topic.Avoiding talking about the change in the right terms and aspects leads to taboos, discrimination, and bullyng

BIOGRAPHY Born in Rome where he lives and works, he takes part in numerous workshops, for professional growth, alongside famous photographers. He has participated in numerous competitions obtaining important awards. She has experience in reportage social. For some years now, has been telling through numerous stories, social difficulties why with information correct she would hope to make feel their cry of help in the world.