A Dynamic City Landmark: Tianma Motorsport Park

PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
Company Apex Circuit Design Ltd., Ridge and Partners LLP, Huahui Group
ArtistClive Bowen, Graham Blackburn, Hu Xinghua
Design TeamDafydd Broom, James Bushell, Qiufang Tang, Yimin Zhu, YienEngHoo, Xinghai Zhu, Lixin Sun, Wenxi Chen, Xiaoyu Zhang, Feng Li, Qiang Zhang, Wei Huang
Client Zhejiang Tianma Circuit Co., Ltd.
CreditTraceImage, Huahui Group
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Zhejiang Tianma International Circuit is positioned as the world's leading comprehensive motorsports park. The track is built in the hills following natural conditions, its abstract architectural form echoing the dynamics of racing. The project team re-planned and designed the abandoned quarry to meet the demands of racing competition, being open to the city, and becoming a place for citizens to stay and relax. After completion, it will become a new landmark bringing urban vitality to Shaoxing.