dance portraits

PrizeOfficial Selection in Shoot (photo/video)
CompanyWalter Fogel
ArtistWalter Fogel

Ballet dancers and also break dancers express their emotional world through their bodies. The faces play a subordinate role and are partially hidden in this series. In this series, idiosyncratic dance sculptures were created, which I consciously place in the area of portrait photography. The inside is turned inside out, copied into each other, distorted and one gets to know the dancers' own individual form of expression through these dance sculptures, which do not deny a certain photographic aesthetic. The pictures are all at the same location at the Stadthalle in Sinsheim and in the adjacent

Born 1954 in Heidelberg Germany 1974 Study at the university Heidelberg Germanistik / Sport 1978 - 80 Assistent by fashion photographer Rudi Goedtler by Onorio Mansutti, by Joachim Würfel 1980 Member at Bund Bildender Künstler Baden - Württemberg 1981 Foundation of my studio for photography in Stuttgart / Babstadt 1990 BFF (Bund freischaffender Fotodesigner) Mitglied 1998 removal of my studio to Angelbachtal