Um Chair

PrizeOfficial Selection in Use (product)
CompanyRichardson Sadeki
ArtistHeidar Sadeki
Design TeamClarissa Richardson, Danitza Sanchez, Jose Ulloa
ClientEmpire City
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Um chair is a design exercise that uses heavy material producing a light design.Um chair is structured via a 6mm folded plate of brass plated stainless steel.There are 44, 6mmX25mm brass plated stainless steel ribs welded onto the folded plates.There are 45, 10mmX25mm segments of rift cut black oak laminated onto the folded plates, between the ribs.The Um chair’s aesthetic and structure are expressed within the same articulation.The Um Chair is being developed for Empire City in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam and will be available in a variety of finishes including stone and leather.