Personal Multiportraits

PrizeOfficial Selection in Shoot (photo/video)
CompanyCzarnecki Photography
ArtistMarek Czarnecki
Design TeamMarek Czarnecki, Jadwiga Czarnecka
ClientPersonal Project
CreditMarek Czarnecki
Video URLView

“Personal Multiportraits” idea is to show exciting people in their environment. People with a wide range of social statuses with jobs that become their life passion play their part in theirs plays of living and working. With unique multi-shot panoramas, I want to show them doing a regular job like the movie step by step. We observe their activities, sometimes natural and sometimes more metaphoric. Like in the movie, I spend days with them trying to capture this idea of moving frames into one multi frames panorama.

Artist photographer, PhD in Film Art. Winner of international photography competitions and more than 240 medals, awards and distinctions. Eight-time category winner of the MPA and BIPP competitions. Member of the Association of Polish Art Photographers, The Master Photographers Association (UK), International Association of Panoramic Photographers (USA), British Institute of Professional Photography (UK), and Federation of European Photographers (Belgium). Working in my studio on personal and commercial projects. Drone pilot. I use IR, HDR, image stacking, stereoscopic, and video in my work.